Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK v1.33.1 (Unlimited Everything) Download 2023

Martial arts have been an integral part of human culture for centuries, and the art of fighting has been evolving and adapting over time. With the advent of technology, mobile gaming has made it possible for gamers to experience the thrill of martial arts battles in the palm of their hands. Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK is one such game where players get to explore a vast world filled with dangerous enemies and challenging battles.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Latest Version 2023

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu APK is Published by NEKKI, a Russian game studio that released other famous games such as Shadow Fight 2 APK or Shadow Fight 4 APK. The game was released on Nov 16, 2017, and has since been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play Store. It is the third installment in the Shadow Fight series, which has a loyal fan base of millions of players.

However, the game’s modded version takes the excitement to a whole new level. With the APK Mod Shadow Fight 3, players can unlock all the features and items the game offers without any restrictions. This means that players are allowed to access all the modes and levels of the game, get unlimited coins, gems, and energy, and have access to all the weapons and armor without having to grind through the game.

APK Mod Shadow Fight 3 offers gamers an immersive and thrilling experience. The game’s realistic graphics, physics, and engaging storyline are what make it stand out from other mobile fighting games.

APP NameShadow Fight 3
Released onNov 16, 2017
Updated On3 Days Ago
VersionLatest 1.33.1
Compatible WithAndroid 5.0 and up
CategoryGames > Action
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gems
Find it Oncom.nekki.shadowfight3
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Gameplay of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK is an exciting, action-packed game that provides hours of entertainment. Players can explore a vast world filled with dangerous enemies and epic battles, choosing their faction from Legion, Dynasty, or Heralds, each with its own unique style, weapons, and skills. In addition, players can create their own appearance with various outfits, hairstyles, and accessories. The game boasts stunning graphics and realistic physics, immersing players in the fight. The gameplay is easy and enjoyable, with players swiping, tapping, and holding to attack, dodge, block, and use their shadow abilities. Players can also utilize different weapons and items to boost their power and will face various challenging enemies and bosses. As they move forward, players will discover the secrets of shadow energy and how to use it to their advantage.

Features of Shadow Fight 3 APK

Here are some amazing features that make this game a must-have for any action lover.

Create an EPIC Hero

In Shadow Fight 3 APK, you have the power to create your own epic hero from scratch. You can customize every aspect of your hero’s appearance, skills, and fighting style. You can choose from three factions: Legion, Dynasty, or Heralds, each with its own unique abilities and perks. You can also unlock and upgrade hundreds of skills and perks to make your hero unstoppable and versatile.

Shadow Fight 3 Unlimited Money and Gems

Collect Various Weapons and Equipment

As you progress through the game, you will encounter various weapons and equipment that will boost your hero’s performance. You can collect and equip different types of weapons, such as katanas, nunchakus, hammers, spears, and more. You can also find and wear different armors, helmets, gloves, and other accessories that will increase your defense and resistance.

Shadow Fight 3 Unlimited Everything and Max Level

Explore a Vast Open World

Shadow Fight 3 APK offers a rich and immersive open world that you can explore at your own pace. You can travel to different locations, such as forests, mountains, deserts, cities, and temples. You can interact with various characters and NPCs that will give you quests and rewards.

APK Mod Shadow Fight 3

Defeat Powerful Enemies

The game challenges you to face various enemies that will test your skills and strategy. You will encounter different types of foes, such as bandits, ninjas, assassins, warriors, bosses, and more. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses that you need to exploit.

Shadow Fight 3 APK Mod

Tournament Mode

If you want to test your skills against other players from around the world, you can join the tournament mode in Shadow Fight 3 APK. In this mode, you will enter a bracket-style competition to face random opponents in a series of matches. You will earn points based on your performance and rank up in the leaderboard. You will also receive rewards based on your rank at the end of each season.

Mod Shadow Fight 3 APK

Online & Offline Mode

Shadow Fight 3 APK supports both online and offline modes. You can play the game online with an internet connection or offline without one. The game will automatically sync your progress when you go online or offline. You can play the game anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing your data or missing out on any features.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu APK

Multiplayer Mode

If you want to play with your friends or other players online, you can join the multiplayer mode in Shadow Fight 3 APK. In this mode, you can team up with other players in co-op missions or battle against them in duels or team fights. You can chat with other players in real time and coordinate your strategies.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Titan

Amazing 3D Graphics

Shadow Fight 3 APK boasts stunning 3D graphics that will immerse you in the game world. The game features smooth animations, realistic shadows, detailed textures, and vibrant colors. The game also supports high-resolution devices and displays to enhance visual quality. The game runs smoothly on most devices without lagging or crashing.

Mod Features of Shadow Fight 3 APK

Unlimited Money and Gems

Unlimited Money and Gems in Shadow Fight 3 APK Mod means you won’t have to grind for hours or spend real money to get them. You can buy and upgrade everything you need to become the strongest warrior in the game from the beginning. This will save you time and effort and make your gameplay more enjoyable.

Unlimited Shadow Energy

Unlimited shadow energy in Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Menu gives you the power to activate shadow abilities without any limits. In the original game, shadow energy is limited and can only be replenished by fighting or waiting. But with the mod version, you will get unlimited shadow energy from the start. This means you can use it as much as you want to unleash powerful attacks, dodge enemy hits, heal yourself, and more.

Unlimited Everything and Max Level 99

Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Titan offers unlimited everything and a max level of 99 from the start of the game. This means you don’t have to grind battles and quests to level up your hero and unlock new skills, weapons, and equipment. You will have access to everything the game has to offer right away, including the highest stats and attributes.

All Weapons Unlocked

In Modded Shadow Fight 3 APK, you Don’t need to worry about unlocking weapons by reaching certain levels or completing quests. Here you’ll unlock all weapons from the start, making gameplay more diverse and interesting. Choose any weapon you want without restrictions and switch between weapons during combat to suit your strategy.

No Ads

No more annoying ads in Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu APK! So, Say goodbye to interruptions and distractions during gameplay.

How to Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Latest Version

Here are the steps to download Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK offline for Android:

  • Find the Download button provided here and give it a click.
  • Wait for the file to download, which may take a few moments.
  • Locate the downloaded .apk file in your Android download manager, then select it.
  • A warning message may appear, asking if you want to proceed with the installation. Click “Install”.
  • Once the installation is complete, click on the “Done” button to finish the process.


  • Always uninstall any previous version of Shadow Fight 3 APK before downloading the new Updated version.
  • Try to turn off the internet before playing game Mods.

Pros and cons of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK


  • Unlimited money, gems, and shadow energy to buy and upgrade everything.
  • Max level 99 from the start, access to all skills, perks, and weapons.
  • All weapons are unlocked without restrictions.
  • No ads for uninterrupted gameplay.


  • Lose the challenge and thrill with everything unlocked from the start.
  • Compatibility issues with some devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The max level in Shadow Fighter 3 is 99. However, with Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK, you’ll get a max level of 99 from the start of the game.

The king of Shadow Fight 3 is Emperor Deng Rao, the leader of the Legion faction and the main antagonist of the game.

Yes, Shadow Fight 3 can be modded, and many modded versions are available online. However, you should be careful when downloading and installing them as they may not be safe or reliable.

Shadow Fight 3 is better than 2 in many aspects. It has better graphics, gameplay, story, characters, weapons, equipment, skills, perks, modes, and more.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of grinding for hours to upgrade your character in Shadow Fight 3? Well, the modded version of the game has got you covered! With Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK, you get unlimited resources and max level right from the start. That means you can dive straight into the action and kick some butt without any hassle. Plus, there are no annoying ads to interrupt your epic battles, and you can choose any weapon you want without any restrictions. So why not spice up your Shadow Fight 3 experience with the modded version? It’s time to unleash your inner ninja and dominate the arena like never before!